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Discussion in 'Public News' started by l0wD, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Hi community,

    valve finally managed to do sth with their anticheat. A LOT of other providers are getting untrusted bans as we speak. It looks like all our hacks are still undetected and we like that very much ofc ;)

    But to be sure and ensure your safety we decided to disable all our hacks until we can be sure. The staff team is playing with throwaway accounts and checking everything out for you. Be patient it wont be long (some hours) till everything is back to normal.

    x7rnl, pr2 and shlcD are back online. n7 and fuze are in testing. ~1hour to go.

    All hacks are working, undetected and back online again!

    Lean back and enjoy the fallout guys,
    your team
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