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    Hi, i am Shatter
    or also known in other communities under the name the_dude. I am a very experienced cheater who has been cheating since CS1.6 times. I also used various legit/rage hacks(public/private) for csgo and other games.

    Today I'd like to talk about pgcheats n7rnl because I've always had good experience with their products so far. I chose internal cheat because I don't like various things in external hacks, like performance or features like esp boxes that are not supported by pgc in the external hack.
    (I dont trust glow esp LOL)

    #First a short points distribution to the general things about the cheat:

    User-friendliness: 9/10
    +the installation & use of the hack is very simple
    -config creation in the panel can be difficult for beginners

    Anti-cheat Security: 10/10
    +No ban yet, i trust pgc security i dont think will get detected in feature
    +Small userbase & extra rights are necessary to buy it

    Performance: 10/10
    +no real FPS changes, lags or crashing

    Support: 10/10
    + kind and accommodating

    Now I must come to the main point why I actually write this review, it is about the features.

    In general, the quality of the aimbots, triggerbots & various visual features etc is really good, it's simple and easy to customize for legit gameplay, there's nothing bad I could say about it.

    And I would also like to know what the rest of the community thinks about the supported features atm!

    Thanks for reading & greets to pgc team that do great work here :)
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